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Egypt/Iran Current Event

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Summarize what is currently happening with respect to revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Beginning on the 25th of January, protests in Cairo were surprisingly controlled and peaceful, especially in contrast to the protest in Tehran. The Egyptain protestors were gathering in Tehrir square, and the crowd grew by the day. All of the protestors were hopeful for one result, for the ouster of Mubarak. When this was achieved after only 18 days of protesting, citizens of Cairo run in the streets with flags and sang patriotic songs in celebration of his resignation on the 11th of February.

Compare/contrast the revolutions in Iran of the 1970s with the revolution in Egypt today.

In Iran, violent protests were taking place for a very similar outcome. They were also protesting for a change in government. In the post-election protests in the 1970′s, violence was used in the form of gasoline in softdrink bottles with lit rags. These ‘firebombs’ were thrown at ‘

A monarchial system that had lasted for more than 2,000 years crumbled’ says a source on channel one news. In Cairo, no policemen were beaten to unconciousness and no explosives were thrown by the protestors, but the police and riot controllers were doing the most damage. In Iran, when a fellow protestor was shot, the rest supposedly yelled ‘Martyr!’ and carried on.Why is Iran a prison today?

Following the peaceful protesting after the Iranian Election about 1 year ago, police, interrogators and other officials are known to use rape and torture as common methods, causing many Human Right Activists to flee the country. The number of arrests since the election in June is estimated to be around 5,000. Also, around 35 journalists have been arrested for attempting to report on the events. This makes Iran ”

the country with the most journalists in jail, beating out Cuban and North Korea”. It is all very well for America to state that they will help rid Iran of any unwanted government, but action is now what is needed.What fear does the U.S. have about the outcomes of the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa?

US Governmental officials are yet to be convinsed that the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, an Islamist opposition group, is a serious threat to international security. Since Mubarak’s fall, an unsure era has begun in Egypt, giving such groups the perfect oppurtunity to act.

The extremist group, Al Qaeda, was not a high concern in Egypt with the US alli, Mubarak, in control. Now that he is no longer in charge, the US is concerned that the group will sieze the oppurtunity to act and gain support and followers.

Another reason for moderate concern is that the Muslim Brotherhood was only an umbrella group, but is led by people with educations. The group did not have support in Egypt, and has said that it wouldn’t seek a parliament. This does not reduce the anxiety that the US feels.

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